L&M "Intake Only" with “Paired Exhaust” 5.0L Coyote Truck Camshaft
(2015-'17, 4 Cam Set)

Sale price $1,698.00

Newest Cam Design made for the 2015-17 Coyote Truck.

Cam Timing Installation

Due to the popularity of our “Intake Only” 5.0L Coyote Mustang camshaft and customer demand for a complete camshaft set, we have designed a complementary exhaust lobe within the same constraints as the Intake (no springs required ( NSR ), Full VCT movement, etc.). The end result is a complete drop-in camshaft solution for the 5.0L Coyote Truck engine that gains power across the entire RPM range without losing crucial low and mid-range power. Easy to tune, maintains drivability, and maintains full VCT movement and functionality.

  • No valve float at high rpm with stock springs
  • Maintains driveability
  • Maintains full VCT movement and functionality
  • Easy to tune

Intake 230 deg @ 050 Asymmetrical, .513 Lift, 120 deg centers parked

Exhaust 226 deg @ 050 Symmetrical, .513 lift 140 deg center parked

Separation 130

The L&M Edge

All of our camshafts are put through a QA process where they are verified against the design data to insure the final product matches our designated requirements. This results in consistent profile geometry and optimal final performance. If a camshaft fails quality assurance it is scrapped.