LM1600 – 5.0L Coyote Short Block

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The LM1600 short block is the foundation of our Coyote race engine program. Designed and built to easily handle applications in the 1000HP+ range. Fully race prepped, balanced and blueprinted.

Standard configuration comes in 9.5:1 compression ratio. Optional compression ratios available, but will add additional processing and build time.

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Block Ford 5.0L Aluminum Block
Crankshaft Forged 5.0L Steel Crankshaft
Pistons Custom L&M Designed Diamond Pistons (9.5:1 CR, other compression ratios available)
Rods Manley H Beam Rods With ARP 2000 Bolts
Rings Total Seal Steel Rings
Rod Bearings King Engine XPN Series
Main Bearings King Engine HP Series
Fasteners  ARP main studs and side bolts

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