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L&M Engines LM2400 – 5.0L Coyote Sleeved & Reinforced Short Block

Along with the weak cylinder liners in the stock 5.0L coyote engine block, the water jackets are another significant weak point in its design. We have developed a laser welding process where we weld in struts at the top of the water jackets which eliminates the potential for that particular failure. Our reinforcement is superior to anything currently on the market because we do not rely on a mechanical connection to transfer stress.

For high power applications we recommend having our head bolt modification to eliminate cracking in the valley by the knock sensors.

The Build

Block Ford 5.0L Coyote Block w/ Flanged Sleeves + Race Reinforcements
Crankshaft Ford 5.0L BOSS Crankshaft
Pistons LM875 Custom Pistons (9.5:1 CR)
Rods Manley Pro I Beam Billet Rods
Rings Total Seal AP Steel Rings
Rod Bearings King Engine XPN Series
Main Bearings King Engine HP Series
Fasteners ARP main studs and side bolts

Depending on your requirements, options available below:

New Ford 5.0L Coyote Block

All new builds start with a fresh or seasoned 5.0L Coyote block directly from Ford, Sleeved and water jacket reinforced.

New Ford 5.0L Boss Crankshaft

Same crankshaft used in the BOSS 302 and 2016 Cobra Jet; Forged 4130 Steel.

L&M Engines LM875 Custom Pistons


  • Designed in house by L&M Engines and Manufactured by Diamond Pistons
  • Ceramic coated piston domes
  • .300” thick piston domes
  • .300” down ring
  • .130”+ skirts
  • Teflon coated skirts


Manley Pro I Beam Billet Rods

Manley Pro I beam billet connecting rods.

King Engine Rod and Main Bearings


  • King Rod Bearings XPN Series
  • King Main Bearings HP Series


Full Race Engine Prep

Every engine gets the full race treatment before leaving our facility, regardless of final application.

Engine Block Exchange Policy