L&M Engines Teams up with Devil's Reject Racing for the 2015 NMRA Season

Posted by Denise Rauscher on

The 2015 NMRA renegade bracket has a new contender to look out for this year … the Devil’s Reject. Brian Devilbiss and his appropriately named turbocharged 2013 GT500 are ready to take the bracket by storm after running a 2014 season best of 7.69@176MPH at the domestic vs. import shootout hosted at the Maryland International Raceway. Originally equipped with a supercharger, Evolution Performance switched the car to a single Precision Turbo 76mm gen2 pro mod turbo mid-season allowing Brian to knock a second off his fastest quarter mile run to date.


This is the car to watch in the 2015 NMRA renegade season and will probably cause more than a few upsets as the season progresses.

L&M Engines is happy to be on board with Brian during his first renegade season; Keep an eye out for us at the events.

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