Ford's Modular Engine Block Selection

Different designs

Ford has been making Modular Engines since mid 90's. They have seen numerous changes and developments. Displacement ranges from 4.6L to 5.8L from factory. As well as valve train changes from SOHC, Single Over Head Cam, to DOHC, Dual Over Head Cam. Plus the most recent Coyote 5.0L and 5.2L engines having VCT.

Develop Engine Building Procedures

With each new development, L&M Engines strives to bring the latest technology and innovations to the racing world. We have developed a sleeving program to combat thin sleeves and plasma lining that are in these engines as an example of our merit.

Identify Blocks

As Ford has made several different style blocks we need to be able to identify and have a plan of attack to service each style. One of the things we look at is the weight of these blocks.

Distinguishing Blocks

There are several visual clues to come up with identity, as we build our library of tech we will update this page. For now, we are focused on weights. Here is what we have found so far:

2020 GT500 5.2L Stock Block - 88 Pounds, Latest engine block from Ford. Compare to GT350 5.2L Block, it is heavier, has additional knock sensors, and changes to water jackets.

GT350 5.2L Stock Block - 86 Pounds

2018 5.0L Sleeved Block - 97 Pounds, Gen 3 Engine of the Coyote line. Has cylinder reinforcements in water jacket.

2011 5.0L Stock Block - 90 Pounds, Gen 1 Engine of the Coyote line. Has two oil ports for oil adaptor.

2011 5.0L Sleeved Block - 91 Pounds, Has L&M Engines sleeves

5.8L Aluminum GT500 Stock Block - 97 Pounds

5.8L Aluminum GT500 Sleeved Block - 103 Pounds, Has L&M Engines sleeves

5.4L Ford GT Super Car Dry Sump Stock Block - 108 Pounds, no oil pump mounts. Different oil drain back system

4.6L Aluminum Teksid Block - 86 Pounds, Has square shaped design in valley

4.6L Aluminum WAP (Windosr Aluminum Plant) Block - 84 Pounds. Has diamond shaped design in valley