March 2015 Texas Mile Recap

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March 2015 Texas Mile Recap

The March 2015 Texas Mile was an action packed weekend for the L&M Engines family. We had a total of nine of our customer’s cars in attendance and all were able to get in multiple runs per day at the mile. The coyote record was reset multiple times by Greg Turner with his L&M built Coyote powered Mustang with the new record sitting at 212.9MPH. We also had the overall Mustang record reset by Kenny Polk in his L&M built 5.8L powered 2013 GT500 with a stellar run at 221.8MPH. Blake Gordon surprised everyone by running a personal best of 214MPH, which also happens to be the record for a stock TVS supercharger.  Overall, we fielded a lineup of solid performers, which put down multiple runs over 200MPH without a single failure. Power is not a guess and we prove it time and time again.


Kenny Polk’s Shelby GT500

Kenny Polk was on a mission to reset the Mustang track record at the mile after setting the stock long block record back in October. Shortly after the October event Kenny approached Kinetik Motorsport with his goal of beating the previous record of 220.8MPH. We put together a record killing long block package for Kenny and topped it off with a 4.6L Kenne Bell supercharger. Armed with the proper tools, Kenny blasted off down the mile on Friday for a record run of 221.8MPH. His setup still has room for improvement and he is looking forward to breaking the record again in October.

Greg Turner’s Coyote Mustang GT

Greg Turner’s first trip to the Texas Mile was eventful in more ways than one. Greg was a mile newbie and had to work his way up the wrist band tiers before being able to make the record attempt he showed up for.  After bouncing out Friday night for overshooting his 199MPH or under run, Greg got it together on Saturday and rocketed down the track for a new coyote record of 212.4MPH. He then followed this up with another record run on Sunday trapping at 212.9MPH. Greg plans to return in October and add to his new record. People could hardly believe he made the run that he did in a “measly” 5.0L Coyote. This proves that our Coyote engines can hang with their bigger GT500 5.4L/5.8L brethren. Greg’s car was self-built at his shop GT Performance.

Blake Gordon’s Shelby GT500

Blake Gordon proved a point and showed the world that the stock TVS supercharger shouldn't be underestimated.  Racing down the track at 214MPH for a personal best and new stock TVS supercharger record, Blake Gordon improved on his old run of 197.2MPH. Blake upgraded to one of our GT500 long blocks for this Texas Mile. Blake’s car was built by his shop Weir Racing.

Mike Lee with MRL Performance’s Ford GT

The MRL Performance Ford GT returned this year looking to improve on their personal best of 235MPH that they set back in 2013. The car has seen major changes since it was last at the Mile with it making the switch to ProEFI standalone and a bigger Kenne Bell supercharger. Unfortunately, the car suffered from numerous electrical and throttle body issues and was unable to make a solid run. The car will return in October to take care of unfinished business.

Jake Rowden’s Shelby GT500

Jake Rowden returned again on his mission to beat the Texas Mile mustang track record. After suffering a crankshaft failure (Rev limiter ripped the balancer clean off) last year that ended his attempts back in October, Jake‘s car returned with minor upgrades and improvements. Jake was able to accomplish multiple passes without a single one being less than 200MPH, but was unable to break the record falling short with an impressive run at 215MPH with a damaged clutch.

Derek Venable’s Shelby GT500

Derek Venable made a return with a bigger supercharger after trading up from a 3.6L Kenne Bell to a 4.2L as well a fuel switch to Gulf 116 octane. A transmission failure prior to the Mile limited Derek’s seat time in the new setup and he was unable to improve on his previous mile speed.

Tracy Keller’s Supercharged Boss 302 Mustang

Tracy was able to push farther into the 200MPH+ club with a new personal best of 203MPH. Tracy uses one of our Coyote short block setups.

Perry Tipton’s Shelby GT500

Perry was able to finally break into the 200MPH club at this Texas Mile after running a stellar, but personally disappointing run of 199MPH at the last Mile. Perry uses our GT500 NSR cams and was able to make a 206MPH run. Our NSR camshafts are a mild grind, but are still solid performers at the track.

Lee Novikoff’s 1969 Z28 Camaro

The showstopper returned this year and was able to get a run in at 196MPH. The setup has a lot of room and tweaking left in it.