Coyote 5.0L Camshaft (2011-'14, 2 Cam Set)
"Paired Exhaust"
Full TiVCT
NA & 50+ HP W/Small Twins, Up To 2.65 Blower

Sale price $999.00

Please Note This Is For The "Paired Exhaust" Cams Only


Tuner's Suggested Cam Timing



This is to complete the camshaft set built upon the “Intake Only” setup we designed previously. These camshafts are drop-in, no springs required ( NSR ), and requires no modification or limiting of the VCT system. This is intended for those who purchased the "Intake Only Cams" and want to upgrade the exhaust cams making it a complete set.

- Exhaust cam recommended for boosted applications due to higher combustion mass
- Exhaust cam reduces high RPM pumping losses
- No valve float at high rpm while using stock springs
- Maintains full drivability
- Maintains full VCT movement and functionality
- Easy to tune

The exhaust profile is .500 max lift, 226@0.050” duration.

These cams will work on the Mustang or Truck engines for 2011-2014

Camshaft Verification

We perform post grind inspection on every camshaft set that we sell insuring consistency and accuracy of the final grind