4.6L Big Dog -- Big Bore Stock Stroke

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L&M Engines 4.6L Big Dog 


The L&M Big Dog starts the process as an aluminum 4.6L block which gets loaded into out CNC and machined for sleeves. We sleeve these blocks to achieve Coyote bore which is 3.631". The guts consist of Manley or Oliver rods paired with L&M custom designed pistons. The pistons are finished with teflon coated skirts and ceramic coated crowns to help withstand the abuse. All of our engines are utilizing ARP main studs and side bolts as well as King bearings.


Why go through all the trouble of swapping platforms when you can increase the displacement of your own?

The Build

Block Ford 4.6L Aluminum Block
Ductile Iron Sleeves
Crankshaft 5.933" Forged Crankshaft
Pistons L&M Custom Pistons 3.631" Bore
Rods Manley Pro I Beam Billet Rods 5.933" Stroke
Rings Total Seal AP Steel Rings
Rod Bearings King Engine XPN Series
Main Bearings King Engine HP Series
Fasteners ARP main studs and side bolts

4.6L Aluminum Block Sleeved To Coyote Bore 3.631"

If you would like to reuse your old block, please call or email us to obtain an updated quote since pricing will differ when using customer supplied engine components.

New 4.6L 5.933" Stroker Crankshaft

L&M Engines Custom Series Pistons

The stock pistons are a weak spot in the modular engine design. Our custom pistons retain the beneficial features while significantly improving the overall design.

  • Designed in house by L&M Engines and Manufactured by Diamond Pistons
  • Ceramic coated piston domes
  • .300” thick piston domes
  • .300” down ring
  • .130”+ skirts
  • Teflon coated skirts

Manley Pro I Beam Billet Rods

Manley Pro I beam billet connecting rods.

King Engine Rod and Main Bearings

  • King Rod Bearings XPN Series
  • King Main Bearings HP Series

Full Race Engine Prep

Every engine gets the full race preparation whether it’s destined for the street or the track.

  • Measure main bearing bores and alignment
  • Install honing stress plates to measure plasma spray cylinders for size and fit
  • Wash block for assembly
  • Install pistons on rods with locks and check clearances
  • Digitally balanced crankshaft
  • Polish crankshaft and check journal dimensions
  • Wash crankshaft for assembly
  • Precision file end gaps of piston rings for required application
  • Measure main & rod clearances, selective fit bearings for proper oil clearance, install bearings
  • Assemble Ford Modular engine to short block configuration
  • Review all dimensions & clearances
  • Final QA and inspection

Engine Block Exchange Policy