Engine Block Core Exchange Policy

Engine Block/Core Exchange Policy

If you have any questions contact us by email at sales@lmengines.com.

If you have purchased one of our sleeved blocks we offer the ability to send your current block back to us for a full core exchange. The core must be in stock configuration without modifications, be in good condition, and be usable. In order to qualify for a full core exchange the following must be true:

  • Blocks with cracked cylinders will be reviewed on a case by case basis; they may receive full or partial credit.
  • Block cannot have stripped threads or broken bolts or studs
  • Block cannot have spun mains
  • Block main bores must be in OEM condition and size
  • Block cannot have missing “ears” or any clearance modifications
  • Block cannot be modified in anyway, including aftermarket reinforcements, custom sleeves, and filled blocks
  • Block must have the correct main caps and bolts
  • Cranks cannot have damage to key
  • Heads cannot have cam journal issues

If any of the above conditions exist a partial core credit may be offered after consultation and/or inspection by L&M Engines, Inc.

Shipping Preparation

  • Do not ship your block to us before we advise you to. Any unauthorized freight may be refused
  • Customer is responsible for shipping the block back to our facility and is responsible to pay freight
  • Mains must be attached to the block in their correct locations
  • Return shipping must be done utilizing the crate that was supplied by us with your sleeved block. We are not responsible for damage caused by improper crating by the customer
  • Freight charges apply and are processed separate. We will contact you to arrange shipping details after you place your order.
  • If the customer is not comfortable or doesn’t know how to arrange freight, we will be able to arrange all shipping at a discount (at customer’s expense), otherwise arrange freight and let us know of the arrival window

Core Exchange Refund

  • Upon receiving the block we will inspect it for damage and fitment for use
  • If the block passes inspection the customer will be issued a core refund on their sleeved block purchase
  • If the block fails inspection and is deemed not fit for use, the customer will not receive a refund and will need to make other arrangements; If the customer would like their block returned to them they will be responsible for return freight, Partial credit if agreed by both parties, or the engine block can be disposed of as scrap.