2018+ Oil Pan with -10 AN Male Fittings

Sale price $295.00

The 2018 + Mustang Coyote is equipped with a plastic oil pan. Unfortunately, this makes adding oil return lines to the oil pan an issue as well as concern. We have come up with a solution and are excited to offer 2018 oil pans equipped with -10 AN male fittings. The Ford plastic oil pans have a much superior design over previous Coyote oil pans. The major difference is within the oil pump. The suction side of the 2018 pump is roughly (1.150”) vs the 2011-2017 suction side being roughly (.875”). This is a difference of (.275”)! This may not sound like a big difference, but this increase in volume also means beneficial flow. This oil pan was made for a 2018 Mustang GT equipped with a 6266 Hellion top mount kit, the trans cooler lines will have to be relocated, or deleted. With all of this information provided, is it worth switching to a steel pan and reaping the benefits of Ford’s upgraded design? Not to mention that will require a new steel oil pan, windage tray, and a late model oil pump with pickup screen. Don’t down grade, make the revision and eliminate the problematic concerns of running a scavenger pump to return the oil into your valve covers ultimately flooding out your valvetrain These oil pans will be listed at a special introduction price of $295.00 each while supplies lasts!