4.6L Modular 4V "No Valve Notch" Custom Cams
any N/A, Supercharged or Turbo 4V Modular

Sale price $1,995.00

Can be used in any N/A, Supercharged or Turbo 4V Modular

 45-50 RWHP Increase over stock

No Valve Notches Required, Perfect for Ford, Manley Pistons

Valve Springs are Required

  • .500" Lift, Intake Average Duration 231.5 @ .050", Exhaust Duration 237 @ .050"
  • Specialized Intake lobe for longer duration and without piston to valve contact
  • 114 Degree Seperation

Complete set includes 2 Intake and 2 Exhaust camshafts

The L&M Edge

All of our camshafts are put through a QA process where they are verified against the design data to insure the final product matches our designated requirements. This results in consistent profile geometry and optimal final performance. If a camshaft fails quality assurance it is scrapped.