5.0L Coyote Long Block - LM2600 All In

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The LM2600 "All In" Engine is the engine of choice if you are one of those people described as "never having enough". The LM2600 platform consists of out sleeved,  12mm short block utilizing a billet crankshaft. We then add our ported heads, camshafts, and every top of the line piece of hardware as well as timing components to complete the beast.

The "LM2600 All In" comes standard with O-rings cut into the sleeves for added assurance. If you are looking to go all in and still have the capability of having a reliable non filled block this is the route to take. The LM2600 All In is ready to take you right to the winners circle; get ahead of the class. If you aren't first you are last!

LM2600 All In

  • LM2600 "All In" – 5.0/5.2L Coyote/Predator Sleeved & Billet Crank Short Block
  • Billet timing guides
  • L&M “LM1” race spec camshafts (Special Order for 2018+)
  • Heavy Duty RGR Timing
  • CNC Ported Cylinder Heads
  • O-rings
  • L&M Valve Springs
  • L&M Titanium Retainers
  • Titanium Valves
  • 12MM ARP 2000 head studs
  • ARP Cam and Phaser Bolts(2011-'14 Only)
  • Billet Crank Sprocket
  • Billet Oil Pump Gears
  • Billet Timing Arms/Guides

Standard configuration is undressed without timing or valve covers. If you would like to receive new covers or reuse your old ones please contact us.

Must Select for Ordering: With or Without Double Key Crankshaft and Model Year

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