5.4/5.8L 4V Rotating Assembly - H Beam Rods

Sale price $5,700.00

L&M Engines Rotating Assembly for 5.4L and 5.8L 4V with H Beam Rods

  • Recommended for applications running 750-900 HP
  • Custom L&M Diamond Pistons
  • Manley H Beam Connecting Rods
  • Industry Leading Total Seal Rings
  • High Performance King Bearings
  • Double Keyed Factory Forged Crankshaft

Custom L&M Diamond Pistons feature Teflon coated and reinforced skirts for durability. Ceramic coated piston tops increase heat dissipation. Topped off with Industry leading Total Seal rings for the perfect seal.

Manley H Beam Connecting Rods hold the piston to the Double Keyed Factory Forged Crankshaft.

This Combo is recommended for applications running 750 HP

Double Keyed Harmonic Balancer and Hubs can be found here: Click Here