5.4L MODULAR 2V PISTONS 3.572" 27.5CC

Sale price $1,195.00

Part Number: 811LM

The L&M Difference - When Off the Shelf Won’t Make the Cut

Why settle for “Off the Shelf” products?

Here at L&M, we go above and beyond standard engine building design to offer specialized products that meet the highest performance requirements.


  • Ceramic coated tops for heat dissipation
  • Teflon coated and Reinforced skirts for friction reduction and strength
  • Hardened tool steel wrist pin for lifespan longevity
  • Built in, not cut out, valve pockets


  • Bore: 3.572"
  • Stroke: 4.165"
  • Rod: 6.657"
  • C.D: 1.328
  • Pin:  .866" x 2.500" with .200" Wall
  • CC's: -27.5cc
  • Crown: .300" down minimum
  • Skirt: .130" Minimum