Coyote 5.0L Billet Steel Crankshaft * OUT OF STOCK*

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Coyote Billet Steel Crank Shaft

L&M Engines is now offering Billet Coyote Crankshafts!


Our crankshaft retains factory stroke of 3.650” as well as our standard double key feature!

The 5.0L factory crankshafts (Boss & Standard GT) are known to take a lot of abuse paired along with the industry’s largest supercharger's available. As many consumers have found; the factory crankshafts will only last so long before ripping out the factory woodruf keys or breaking the front snout off the crankshaft typically causing catastrophic damage.


The Boss Coyote crankshaft is slightly different than the Standard Mustang GT crankshaft due to the difference in the counter weight.


Our Billet Steel Crankshaft is here to provide you with strength, longevity, as well as peace of mind. Breaking or damaging your crankshaft is a dreaded failure due to the damage caused with this type of failure. This crankshaft will not require any modification to your block, it will use the factory oil pump etc. Whether you are racing competitively or are looking for a stout engine this is the perfect addition to your build! This is the exact crankshaft we use in our very own builds; purchase with confidence by a proven company.


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