L&M 5.0L Coyote Solid Adjustable Lifters Cam Degreeing Tool 1

Sale price $75.00

Did you just purchase a set of cams and are looking to get the most power out of them?


Are you concerned about piston to valve issues?


L&M's Solid Adjustable Lifter Tools give you the exact repeatable measurements needed for an accurate camshaft degreeing procedure. Take all the guessing out by using the tools Modular Experts use everyday.


Sold as a set of two lifters. This is a tool for degreeing camshafts only!


100% Made in the USA!


Here at L&M Engines, checking over every component is mandatory in our QC process, protecting your investment by verifying all the components are installed correctly and working properly. After years of building Modular engines we have become the go to for Coyote engine answers, and we most often are asked about degreeing camshafts. Due to this demand we have made adjustable lifters for the DIY guys to use at home.

Spend some time inquiring information about degreeing cams. Dive into your project with confidence knowing you are using the same tools used by professional engine builders every day!