L&M Coyote Crank Stud 5.2L Voodoo F-150 2011-2024 *NEW PRODUCT IN STOCK*

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New Product Release


Coyote 2011-2024 F-150 & Mustang, GT350 Voodoo, Crankshaft Studs


We are happy to announce the release of our Crankshaft studs. These are available for the Coyote/Voodoo/Predator market as well as the GT500’s. Our studs are capable of handling 200KSI+. These are heat treated and coated in a black oxide. What makes our stud stand out from the rest is ours has a male hex that gets driven by a 1/4" socket rather than having to use a hex key which tends to strip out after the first use. We torque these studs to 150 FTLBS!

These crank studs were designed to cut down on crankshaft failures. The factory crankshaft bolt has excess clearance inside of the snout which allows the crank to flex. With this crankshaft stud it is designed to take up as much room as possible allowing the least amount of flex. By doing so this reduces the amount of stress and vibration being dividend up throughout the engine.

With all of the options available in today’s market is a stud really beneficial over a crank bolt? That answer is yes! The easiest and most beneficial reason is that a stud is capable of handling a much greater and more precise torque than a traditional bolt. The reason for this is when a bolt is tightened the bolt itself is twisting. When a stud is used the stud itself does not move; the nut is tightening as the stud is stationary. With all of this said, the most important aspect of this is clamp. Studs will have a greater clamp value at the same torque value a bolt will.