LM-GT3F-1 Camshaft Set
GT350 5.2L Voodoo W/180 deg Flat Plane Crank
Any N/A or Forced Induction
Full TiVCT

Sale price $1,998.00

GT350 5.2L Voodoo W/180 deg Flat Plane Crank

551 Series Lobes


-          Asymmetrical Intake lobe acts like 239 deg @ 050

-          Uses full TiVCT

-          Has revised updated lobe timing for the Voodoo valve geometry

-          Intake      .551” Lift, Duration 234@.050

-          Exhaust   .551” Lift, Duration 235@.050

-          Separation 120.5

-          Helps keep torque below 5,000 RPM, adds Power up top

-          RPM Range 2,000-8,500

-          Able to use stock springs, Upgrade recommended with boost above 15 pounds


Sound Clip Utilizing L&M Lock Plates


Great for those that want use of full TiVCT and great torque like stock

Upgrade to springs, retainers, seals and locators. Select Spring Package when ordering to add these parts.


The L&M Edge

All of our camshafts are put through a QA process where they are verified against the design data to insure the final product matches our designated requirements. This results in consistent profile geometry and optimal final performance. If a camshaft fails quality assurance it is scrapped.