Sleeved 5.0L Coyote Engine Block (L&M Supplied Block)

Sale price $3,295.00

Thin cylinder walls and plasma lined cylinders are prone to failure with high horsepower engines. L&M Engines has the fix for this problem with our Cylinder Sleeving Service.

All blocks are sleeved with our in-house custom designed flanged, double-thick, sleeves and installed with a proprietary nitrogen shrink fit process, insuring proper contact is maintained between engine block and cylinder sleeve allowing for optimal heat transfer to the engine cooling jacket. All blocks come with machined decks with proprietary finish and all bores are semi-finished to allow STD bore size

With over 4000 sleeves installed and zero sleeve failures, rest easy knowing your engine has the best protection available.

Be sure to select the correct options when ordering to avoid delays in processing. Core exchange available on some combinations.

Freight charges apply and are processed separate. We will contact you to arrange shipping details after you place your order.

Block comes with main caps and side bolts (not pictured).

Engine Block Exchange Policy