TSS GT500 Billet Oil Pump Gears

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Look no further for the absolute best Shelby GT500 billet oil pump gears. Manufactured in USA by Triangle Speed Shop using USA created steel, these gears are simply the best GT500 billet oil pump gears currently on the market. Competitors like to claim they have best, but we have seen otherwise having to replace “upgraded” billet oil pump gears that have failed with Triangle’s offering. We have yet to see a set of these gears fail even under racing usage.

In the early 2000′s the Modular Ford aftermarket industry was plagued with inferior oil pump assemblies, many were made out of inferior metals and ill manufactured. Triangle Speed Shop saw the need of a quality set of gears to be produced, so with their industry background that is what they set forth to accomplish. With over 500 sets sold without a single failure brought to our knowledge, we believe they have set the standard for billet oil pump gear assemblies.

Comparison to the Competition:

There is no comparison, these gears are second to none and set the gold standard for oil pump gears. Sure there are other “cheaper” oil pumps on the market but we all know where cheaper gets us when building race inspired engines.

Standard Specifications:

- American made chromoly steel billets
- Heat treated to custom specifications to create a perfect balance of strength and wear resistance
- Machined with tolerances held to +/- .0005"
- Computer controller precision surface ground to pefection
- Each and every piece of every great set's hardness verified via Rockwell Scale
- All parts hand deburred and finished 
- Every set is selected by measurement to be grouped with its mate
- All tolerances measured and blueprinted to verify pieces are within +/- .0005"

In stock and ready to ship. We actively stock these gears and use them in many of our builds.