L&M “Intake Only” 5.0L Coyote Camshaft
(2018+, 2 Cam Set)

Sale price $999.00


We developed a limited run of 2018+ Intake Only Camshaft for the New Coyote.


Due to core shortage, we are limited on inventory available.            


There is significant lead time to manufacture additional sets because of the limited production.


The 2018+ version is a variation of our popular “Intake Only” camshaft set to fit the new 2018-2019 head design of the 5.0L Coyote engines. This camshaft set is drop in ready with no springs required ( NSR ) for proper operation and uses full TiVCT.  The result is a camshaft profile that gains power across the entire RPM range without sacrificing low and mid-range power. Easy to tune, maintains drivability, and maintains full TiVCT movement and functionality.


No limiters or lockouts needed

Modifying rocker arms to fit other cams to the new head design creates many issues in actual valve timing.

This modification also creates different valve timing from left to right banks.

The best engineering is to use a cam designed for the new 2018 and Voodoo head geometry.

The L&M Edge

All of our camshafts are put through a QA process where they are verified against the design data to insure the final product matches our designated requirements. This results in consistent profile geometry and optimal final performance. If a camshaft fails quality assurance it is scrapped.