Coyote 5.0L Camshaft (11-14)
"Intake Only" W/"Paired Exhaust" (4 Cam Set)
Full TiVCT NA & 50+ HP W/Small Twins, Up To 2.65 Blower

Sale price $1,995.00

Tuner's Suggested Cam Timing


This is the complete camshaft set built upon the “Intake Only” setup we designed previously. As with the “Intake Only” set these camshafts are drop-in, no springs required ( NSR ), and requires no modification or limiting of the VCT system.

- Exhaust cam recommended for boosted applications due to higher combustion mass
- Exhaust cam reduces high RPM pumping losses
- No valve float at high rpm while using stock springs
- Maintains full drivability
- Maintains full VCT movement and functionality
- Easy to tune

Intake Profile is .472" lift, duration is asymmetrical, average 226@.050"

The exhaust profile is .500 max lift, 226@0.050” duration.

These cams will work on the Mustang or Truck engines for 2011-2014

Camshaft Verification

We perform post grind inspection on every camshaft set that we sell insuring consistency and accuracy of the final grind